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Collin Creek Eye Clinic - Customer Feedback

Here are some of the compliments we have received from satisfied customers. We enjoy hearing from our customers and 

always strive to provide excellent service.

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They arrived today and are beautiful! Thanks for your great service.
01/12/06, Maine

It was a pleasure doing business with you. I have my Fendi’s back.
05/20/06, California

I just wanted to say thank you for your great quality service and low prices. My glasses came back in a timely manner, fixed perfectly, and I am VERY happy with your work!
07/12/06, California

Very pleased with the new temples! WOW!
09/25/06, Texas

Happy holidays to you! In the past, your staff has done a marvelous job of repairing my vintage Armani frames. Is it all possible for you to reproduce them? They are metal frames.
12/26/06, New York

I was pleasantly surprised upon getting my old lenses back in a new plastic frames. You folks are above expectations in product quality and workmanship. I would highly recommend you to anyone.
01/07/07, Washington

You telephoned me a few days ago to advise that my frames really couldn't be repaired ... but lo and behold they arrived back from you today and they're 100% better than before I sent them to you. And you didn't even send me a bill or ask for any payment. You even paid for the return postage. In this day of generally horrible customer service you are definitely the exception. Thank you so much for your courtesy and help.
05/22/09, California