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Eyeglass Maintenance

10 ways to care for your glasses and sunglasses 

  • Never place your glasses with the lenses down
  • Use a mini-screwdriver to keep the screws tight
  • Keep them in a case when you are not using them
  • Avoid leaving plastic sunglasses on the car dashboard in hot weather as they may distort
  • Clean the lenses with a lint-free cloth -micro fiber cloths are ideal and available from us
  • Always use a specially formulated lens cleaner to clean your lenses. Many coated lenses will smear with unsuitable cleaning solutions. We recommend Ultra Clarity - Lens Cleaner  - Collin Creek Eye Clinic 
  • Should the fit become loose - return them to your optician who will be able to make simple adjustments to make them fit properly again
  • Always use both hands when removing your frames. This prevents snagging and reduces the chance of breaking a side temple
  • Wearing your sunglasses on the top of your head may look chic, but it stretches them and they won't fit as a result
  • Send them to us once a year for their annual overhaul